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Chef Olive Huang, Seattle Personal Chef

Why Do I Cook

I love to cook because food brings people together

Hi, I am Olive. My relationship with great food is a lifelong one. Over the years, I have traveled the world, enjoying the beauty and variety of world cuisine. I have been to some of the world’s greatest restaurants and exchanged ideas with renowned chefs. However, one thing has never ceased to puzzle me. Why can’t fine cuisine be more readily accessible within the cozy confines of the home? Cooking Dolls provides an affordable, and most of all, delicious solution to this question.  

The world we live in has inspired me to constantly discover new recipes from a remote fishing village on a small island to a refined metropolis.  We don’t have to travel far out of our kitchen to enjoy the essence of the global food culture; we can have the experience right at the dining table where we can experience the diverse and disparate flavors of Provence, Tuscany, Morocco, Istanbul or coast of Thailand.

Join me to experience the virtual travel from the comfort of your own home! Or come to my Chinatown Food Tours I lead and host by Wing Luke Asian Pacific American Experience Museum.

‚ÄčA story of my love of cooking "Why Chef Olive Huang Left Her Desk for the Kitchen" from Kitchsurfing.



Lindsey Miller

Why Do I Cook

Nothing makes me feel better than providing enjoyable experience for others...

Hi, I am Lindsey Miller. My story of finding my love for food isn't complicated; I have enjoyed cooking for as long as I can remember. My experience is rooted the hospitality industry, and nothing makes me feel better than providing enjoyable experiences for others, with delicious food at the center of it all.After years spent dishing up street eats from food trucks in my hometown of Philadelphia, serving in all sorts of restaurants, and testing out various aspects of the food world, I've found that exploring new cuisines, cooking for others, and collaborating with like-minded individuals are the things that make me the truly happy. The food I cook today is a true mash-up; it is a tiny piece of everything I learned in all of those kitchens (both on wheels and on the ground) and all the places I've traveled in between... with so much still left to discover.

See you soon in our next event!




Why Do I Cook? I cook because cooking is very personal and individualized; where you can share your journey and discover others.

There’s the act of creating something extraordinary out of nothing with a few simple ingredients. You can see the smile on your guests after the meal begins.

Hi, I’m Courtney Christy! I have a passion for food and the science behind nutrition. I enjoy helping people find their individual healthy food path and journey. I am a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of the Culinary Arts in Sacramento and later Seattle Pacific University with a Bachelor’s in Food and Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics. I am a Nutritionist with experience working in the healthcare field and I find joy in educating individuals. I especially have experience in creating specialized menus from gourmet to simple menus. I also enjoy working with culinary professionals and on recipe development using various ingredients and techniques.

I was born and raised in Sacramento, moved to Walla Walla, and have been a Seattleite since 2013. I enjoy baking, exploring the Seattle culture to discover new eateries and cuisines, and going on outdoor adventures. I’ve been involved in many culinary events around the country in places such as Charleston, Philadelphia, Sacramento, and Seattle.  


Courtney Christy

Nutritionist, Chef